Discover Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting Technique

  • Discover Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting Technique
  • Discover Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting Technique
  • Discover Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting Technique
  • Discover Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting Technique
  • Discover Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting Technique
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About this course


2 weeks

Term Start

July 2021

Entry Requirements

Applications are welcome from those aged 18+.

Lola Cohen is a world-renowned expert on “The Method” acting technique created by Lee Strasberg.

Lee Strasberg was a dominant influence on American acting in all three mediums: theatre, film and television. He translated his ideas into a concrete discipline known as The Method to develop an actor’s full potential. Actors use Strasberg’s training to be equipped to live truthfully on the stage within the imaginary circumstances of the play by activating their senses and imagination. The training provides the tools to stimulate the actor’s creativity when crafting a role which can be reliably repeated at will. The sequence of sense and emotional exercises which comprise Strasberg’s work and will be taught, has at its foundation the achievements of the great Russian theorist Konstantin Stanislavski and addresses what both identified as the central problem of the actor, which is to simultaneously experience real feelings and be in control of what needs to be done emotionally and physically while acting the part. 

Lee Strasberg devised procedures and exercises that train actors to be immersed in a part with genuine feelings and behavior in order to successfully move an audience. Strasberg said actors must understand and control the nature of their own “instrument”, a word he used to describe the mind and body. He believed that disciplined daily practice of physical and emotional exercises would lead to a more truthful depiction of reality. Here, the actor lives and acts in the present moment internalizing and identifying with the role to achieve the desired results.  

He designed his own exercises and procedures to give actors a unique language to explore life's complexities through the senses and apply it to their acting. The Method Exercises deliberately train actors to develop and strengthen their senses in order to recreate and imagine objects, places, people and events, exploring what they can see, smell, hear, touch and taste. The five senses must be awakened and ready to be used at will. 


Why choose this course?

Explore Method exercises in : 

  • Sense Memory 
  • Emotional Memory 
  • Relaxation
  • Animal Exercises
  • Creating a Character

Fee and Application Information

Dates and Course Costs

Week 1
Tuesday 6 July - 5 pm to 8 pm BST (UK)
Thursday 8 July - 5 pm to 8 pm BST (UK)
Friday 9 July - 5 pm to 8 pm BST (UK)

Week 2 
Tuesday 13 July - 5 pm to 8 pm BST (UK)
Thursday 15 July - 5 pm to 8 pm BST (UK)
Friday 16 July - 5 pm to 8 pm BST (UK)

Total of 18 hours

Early Bird Fee: £300. 5 Tickets available 
Usual Booking Fee: £350

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Course content

Part One  - Actors’ Work on Themselves

Each class begins with the Relaxation Exercise to ensure that the physical and mental tension within the Actor body is eliminated. In solidarity with Stanislavski, Strasberg championed and taught the signi´Čücance and importance of being able to relax at will, entering into what Stanislavski called the “creative mood,” where all good acting takes place; which is described as a state of being aware, as well as knowing how and where the senses and emotions can function fully and expressively. Strasberg often said that actors need a warm heart and a cool head to gain control over the body and mind, freeing them from the pervasive problems of tension, habits, and distractions. 

Part Two – Actor's work on Characters and Scenes 

The second part of each day is devoted to the actor’s work on characters, scenes and monologues. Participants will also explore text/monologues during the Exercise work

Exercises covered include:

• Given Circumstances

• Subtext

• Motivation

• Repetition

• Spines

• Need Exercise

• Improvisation

• Cold Readings

• Rehearsal Procedures

• Auditions 

• Painting Exercise

• Animal Exercise

Lola Cohen

Lola Cohen began her life in the Theatre by studying acting with Lee Strasberg during the last five years of his life (1977 to 1982) at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York and Los Angeles. She also trained with Kim Stanley, Jose Quintero, and David Proval. She has taught at the Strasberg Institute in NY and LA, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Drama at the Strasberg Institute. An Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, she has also taught at American University, Washington, D.C., Milan’s Academia 09, Melikhovo’s Telltojoy Theater-Chekhov International Theater School, Russian Center for Science and Culture in Copenhagen, National Film School of Denmark & Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen’s Holberg Film/Theatre School, Mon’s Theatre High School Rødkilde, Pratt Institute, and at Boston’s MASS Design Group. As a member of Bob Dylan’s “Rolling Thunder Review,” she made her film debut in “Renaldo and Clara” in 1975 and was Judge Kaplan in Rik Cordero’s “Inside a Change,” which won best film at HBO’s Latino International Film Festival in 2010.

Ms. Cohen’s directing includes “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Woodstock Youth Theater), “The Maids” (Strasberg Institute,” “Snowangel” (SUNY-Ulster, Strasberg Institute), and “The Seagull (a Work in Progress)” in Melikhovo, Russia.

Ms. Cohen’s books include The Lee Strasberg Notes, published in 2010, and The Method Acting Exercises Handbook a concise and practical guide to the acting exercises originally devised by Lee Strasberg, published in 2017. 

Read a recent article by Lola Cohen

Lee Strasberg Quotes : 

"Work for the actor lies in two areas: the ability to consistently create reality and the ability to express that reality." -Lee Strasberg 

“Art is in the choice, the choice is that which conditions art”. 

Quotes by Famous Actors and Directors about The Lee Strasberg Notes:

"For the actor 'The Lee Strasberg Notes' are an indispensible companion. Put it in your coat pocket and go.... For anyone interested in the multi-faceted beast that is human behaviour, the same applies. What a treat for anyone protracted of tooth or as green as grass. Everyone's a winner. Go....."
Johnny Depp

"I always think upon Lee Strasberg with warmth and reviewing his wisdom is a pleasure."
Francis Ford Coppola

"I studied with Lee for 25 years at the Actors Studio, and to read this book is to be inspired, stimulated and taught once again by his depth and articulation of The Method."
Ellen Burstyn

Student Quotes

"I realised how great and easy it would be to do Relaxation and another exercise before an audition; even while you are just waiting and no one will know you are practicing a Method Exercise."

"I laughed as the animal and felt a playfulness. Another sense of the animal came to me and it was strong. The Animal Exercise gave me courage to do things and be playful. Then the transition back to “human-ness” was like a maturing, My sight became sharper. I felt strong and in a safe comfort zone."

"With the Animal Exercise, I found exaggerated love qualities in various features. My animal does not stand up – so, standing up, as it, was very imaginative. Being a butterfly allowed me to be borne and to evolve."

"The Exercises got me to concentrate on my text, my story and my role while the other actors were all doing there own things, with sounds, voices and all kinds of activity. It was great for concentration."


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