We are delighted that the government has responded to the lobbying from our sector and prioritised the return of students on practical courses, including the creative arts, from 8 March as part of the ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown.

The key elements of our response to this lifting of restrictions are as follows:

  • The campus will be open for teaching and learning from 8 March.
  • Students will be asked to stagger their return over a few weeks and will be informed by email of the exact date that they will start face to face teaching again.
  • The majority of teaching between 8 March and the summer will be face to face to deliver practical skills and productions/projects.
  • Students returning to Sidcup from their vacation accommodation are expected to have a COVID test in their local area just prior to travelling.
  • Prior to the start of their face to face teaching on campus (or other campus-based activity such as the use of the library), students will be expected to take two COVID tests (which will take place on campus) with three days between them.
  • The combination of the date that individual students return to face to face teaching and the schedule of their initial COVID testing prior to this will dictate the date that they should plan to travel back to Sidcup.
  • Once teaching has restarted on campus all students will be expected to take two tests each week with three days in between, possibly through to the summer. The scheduling of these tests will seek to minimise disruption to classes and practical work.
  • A schedule for the first set of COVID tests will be sent out as soon as possible by email.
  • All testing will take place in the marquee behind Lamorbey House as before.
  • Students who do not take these tests will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.
  • Revised protocols for COVID safety on campus, in classes and for practical/production work, in Christopher Court and in the community will be issued to everyone before your return.
  • The campus has been kept clean and sanitised throughout this last lockdown and will be as COVID secure as possible for your return.
  • Programme Directors, Programme Administration Managers and Subject Leaders will be contacting each specific programme/level group with their detailed timetabling shortly.
  • If you are shielding or have other worries about returning to campus please contact Student Services ([email protected]) and your programme director or subject leader.
  • Updates will be sent by email,  and where appropriate posted to the college website and VLE, and signposted on social media.

Here is a copy of the COVID protocols and guidelines for students returning to campus. You should have received this to your College email address and can also find it on the VLE

You can find the risk assessments relating to specific activities here (you will need to log in to the VLE):