It’s full swing in the Australian festival season and four BA (Hons) European Theatre Arts  (ETA) graduates have been strutting their stuff in Melbourne, Perth and now Adelaide.

Rowena Hutson (ETA2008) has been taking Perth Fringe by storm, presenting her “one-woman tour-de-force” (Western Australian) Strong Female Character (Most Outstanding Comedy Melbourne Fringe 2015) alongside a new collaboration with fellow Fringe Wives Club members, Tessa Walters and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard, Glittery Clittery: A conSENSUAL party. This “glitter-soaked madness” exploring the “complex notions of femininity” (Out in Perth) has already managed to pick up a nomination for Best Cabaret at Perth Fringe World. If you’re quick you can catch it in Adelaide; for two nights only in the Garden of Unearthly Delights!

In an entirely different vein, young Yorkshire comedian Alex Cofield (ETA2014), is currently touring his debut one-man (one-sheep?) show Woolly the Morose Merino. Written whilst Cofield was working on a sheep farm in South Australia, Woolly is one broken-hearted brit’s exploration of the absurdities of life and dating, through the eyes of his less-than-cuddly creation. Nominated for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe 2016, Cofield will be appearing at Adelaide Fringe also in the Garden of Unearthly delights.

Making his international debut, young British actor Damien Killeen (ETA 2014) is appearing in Dragonflies Theatre’s acclaimed production of Patrick Cash’s The Chemsex Monologues. After multiple sell-out runs in London, this “hard-hitting and tough to watch” (Westend Wilma) show explores the high world of ‘chillouts’.  Dazed magazine says "The Chemsex Monologues might well be the desperately needed conversation starter we've been waiting for." Whilst the Gay Times calls it "An extraordinary tapestry of pleasure and pain, woven together with wit and weight by a master wordsmith." You can catch it in The Clubroom at the GC at the German Club, before it moves onto Sidney in time for Mardi Gras in March.

Last-up and fresh off the boat and nominated for a number of awards at fringe festivals across Europe, Andrew Silverwood (ETA2012) brings two shows to Perth, Adelaide and Newcastle. In his usual ‘self-deprecating’ style, Silverwood’s new show, titled Andrew Silverwood is a Self-absorbed T**t, is about a review of his last show at Adelaide Fringe. Talking about Brexit, wheelchairs and things his ex & the media agree on, this show is from the performer described by Julian Clarey as “Funny. Delightful. Part man. Part Whippet.”

Alongside his solo show Silverwood is also joined by a different ‘fringe celebrity’ each night in his anarchic [Late Night] GameShow. No two shows are the same, as each celebrity tries all they can to turn another five minutes in the spotlight. Past shows have included paintball guns, eating contests, leg waxing, rat trapping, face slapping, French kisses, sexy dancing, broken bottles and a whole audience custard pie fight. You can expect all of the above or none. Whatever it is though, you can be sure of surprises.


Glittery Clittery: a conSENSUAL party
Adelaide Fringe: 11.15pm, March 17th & 18th only
Le Cascadeur – The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Rowena Hutson will also be hosting the Bandstand in the Garden of Unearthly Delights from the 9th March.


Woolly the Morose Merino
Adelaide Fringe: 7:00pm, Feb 17th – March 5th (excl. Monday 20th Feb.)
The Spare Room – Garden of Unearthly Delights

Woolly will also be guest-spotting in [Late Night] Gameshow on March 18th


The Chemsex Monologues
Adelaide Fringe: 9.00pm, March 7th – 19th (excl. Monday 13th March)
The Clubroom at the GC at the German Club

Sydney: 7.30pm, March 22nd – 25th
Blood Moon Theatre


Andrew Silverwood is a Self-absorbed T**t
Adelaide Fringe: 8.30pm, March 2nd – 17th 
Tuxedo Cat

Newcastle Fringe, The Catapult and Circus Avalon, 22nd-26th March, check the website for times.

[Late Night] GameShow
Fringe World Perth, Noodle Palace, Friday and Saturday nights at 10:40pm until 18th Feb.
Adelaide Fringe, Gluttony, Friday and Saturday nights at 11:20pm.
Andrew Silverwood can also be seen in a variety of bills including Red Light Confidential, Burlesque Idol Australia and the Battle of the Superheroes around festivals in Australia until the end of March.