Final year students from the BA (Hons) European Theatre Arts programme will be presenting a festival of 35 performances showcasing distintive and innovative new work in the College’s Barn and Rose Theatres over a three-week period in April and May 2019.

The performances are a culmination of the practical and research skills gained over the three year period of their degree programme and will consist of solo performances or ensemble pieces, produced in collaboration with students from Stage and Events Management, Lighting Design and Creative Lighting Control. Each performance will be followed by a presentation to demonstrate the application of theory and practice within the performance.


Performance Schedule

Barn and Rose Theatre
Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April
Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May
Thursday 9th and Friday 10th May

Friday 26 April 2019
Nuna Livhaber presents: I’ll Tell You in a Minute
Ryan Francis presents: Conflicts/Resolution
Cecilia Lados presents: Psychomachia
Anita Szymanska presents: Part II: I didn’t sign up for this.
Ines Autonell presents: this one’s for me
Rebecca Granger presents: Milestone

Saturday 27 April 2019
Jack Boal presents: Hypokritēs – The Eternal Chorus
Chloe Stevens presents: get in the mud, fuck a table and dance
Esme Nichol presents: (M)other
Lilly Jordan presents: Art created in a Vacuum
Katarzyna Stankiewicz presents: Past Midnight

Thursday 2 May
Lill Worden presents – This is not a Thriller it is non-fiction
Rebecka Oberg presents – Netflix & Chill
Athina Fridh Paleologos presents – Angry Little Girls!
Tasia Rodes presents – Cadaver’s of the Umbral Underground
Lila Robirosa presents – Sonopoly and Picture-Ladders: The Game of Life
Rachel Lloyd presents – Pur-suit

Friday 3 May
Ingmar Starke presents – Peeling air and losing it
Natalie Patuzzo presents – COPYCAT!
Gregory Fryer presents – The Exhibition, 2019
Heidi Bowes presents – The Space We Share
Hafthor Unnarsson presents – Whykings!
Jacqueline Lipman presents – The Inter’view’

Thursday 9 May
Charlotte Summers presents – The Making Of A Show
Gareth Ellis presents – Pathetika Prophetika
Daniel Hogan presents – ‘Unmarked Grave’
Jessica Dawkins presents – Bio Hazard #ArtForRevolution
Friday 10 May
Isaac Moss & Robyn Cain presents – Since We All Have Stories
Claudia Rodruigez Toboada presents – Útero (Uterus)
Photographs by Michael O’Reilly