Victoria’s Knickers

By Josh Azouz

Director Annie Fitzmaurice 
Musical Director Lelee Zhané
Set / Costume Designer Libbie Day
Lighting Designer Edd Knight
Breaking into Buckingham Palace is not easy when you’re a 17 year old boy. But it seems Ed Jones has done it several times, sometimes driven by Chartist fervor, sometimes from an obsession with Royal laundry. Victoria’s Knickers is an outrageous, anachronistic, crude and violent farce in which the young Queen fights to save herself, her lover and her crown, while all around her fight for power. And outside the palace, the nation fights with itself.

Performances dates

Friday 28 February – 7:30pm
Saturday 29 February – 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Monday 2 March – 7:30pm

The Gut Girls

By Sarah Daniels

Director Gary Pillai
Designer Victoria Maytom 
Lighting Designer Abi Turner 

Deptford, 1900. Five raucous, brave and funny young women make a living hacking and scraping carcasses in a Cattle abbatoir. Theirs is a life of long hours and small, hard fought victories. But the foul smelling shed protects against hunger and cold and is a refuge for fallen women. No need to risk a violent marriage or the dangers of childbirth if you can work there with your mates. That is, until new tariffs threaten meat imports, and rumours of sackings begin to circulate. And all this time the local Duchess Lady Helena has decided she will save the girls from their degeneracy, offering lessons in good manners with the bribe of free cakes.

Performances dates
Monday 9 March – 7:30pm
Tuesday 10 March – 7:30pm
Wednesday 11 March – 2:30pm & 7:30pm

Spring Awakening

Book & lyrics by Steven Sater

Music by Duncan Sheik

Based on the play by Frank Wedekind

Director  Alexandra Spencer-Jones
Musical Director  Leah Jamieson
Designer Madison Omatseone
Lighting Designer Noah Jones
Sound Designer and Operator Ryan Perry  

Based on Frank Wedekind’s revolutionary play, Spring Awakening weaves an exhilarating rock score with a story of sexual and adolescent discovery. Restrained by 19th century German society, a group of teenagers are forced to discover the truth behind their feelings unaided. This production is performed by students from Rose Bruford College’s trailblazing Actor Musician course.

Performances dates
Thursday 19 March – 7:30pm
Friday 20 March – 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Saturday 21 March – 2:30pm