This show will be performed at Pleasance Theatre by Rose Bruford South West students.


Director Lucy Allan

Original Music Composed by Zach Morley and Evan Lewsey


In a village in Suffolk in 1827, Maria Marten goes to meet her lover. They are going to run away, to start a new life. A year later her body is found.

In this thrilling retelling of a true story, Beth Flintoff sheds new light on the life of Maria Marten, and the community who went looking for her.

Turning the tables on the morbid fascination that has surrounded the case, the play is an urgent and vital explosion of music, movement and storytelling which celebrates growing up, defiance and friendship.

Event details

Thursday 17 November – 7.30pm

Friday 18 November – 2.30pm

Saturday 19 November – 7.30pm

Venue: Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, London N7 9EF

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