Alternative Dramaturgy Season 2018
The Theatre-Makers of Tomorrow


BA (Hons) European Theatre Arts in collaboration with BA (Hons) Creative Lighting Control, BA (Hons) Lighting Design, BA (Hons) Performance Sound & BA (Hons) Stage Management presents:

Come To Daddy

Rose Bruford College are delighted to invite you to our European Theatre Arts (ETA) performance, Come to Daddy. Devised by our final year students and directed by Sammy Metcalfe (co-artistic director of the award winning company Sleepwalk Collective), Come to Daddy takes inspiration from the work and practice of Polish theatre director, visual artist, designer, and writer Tadeusz Kantor and the Cricot2 Theatre.

Come To Daddy is a Live-Art mash-up of art history and family history, and a show about the long, long journey to the here and now.

“The children grabbed him (the father) and put him on the table. And he became the food. They took him apart, dismembered him. Ate him up. And so he was liquidated…the same way he liquidated his children.” – Louise Bourgeois, The Destruction of The Father (1974)

Thursday 15 February at 18:00 & 20.30
Friday 16 February at 18:00 & 20.30

Venue: The Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College

Tickets: Free (limited to 4 per order)