Two plays which integrate live performance and video design to explore our fascination with violent crime and how our perception of it is manufactured.


Director Steven Dykes

Assistant Director Justin Lenderking

Designer Courtney Larner

Lighting Designer Luke Middleton

Video Designer Ben Gittos

Sound Designer Chris Atkins

Original Compositions and Arrangements Naphtali Sinclair and Darcey O’Rourke. Performed by the Cast


False Flag

By Steven Dykes

You’re in the basement. The elevator’s final stop. Shining a flashlight into the corners. Turning over rocks. That’s how you see me. I scuttle away when you turn on the lights. I get it. But still, you’re down here. You’re down here with me. You stayed.


Friday 24 May – 7.00pm

Saturday 25 May – 5.30pm

Tuesday 28 May – 7.00pm

Wednesday 29 May – 8.30pm


Venue: The Rose Theatre

Admission: £5 full price

The running times allow you to see both productions on the same day.


Laura, an actor  Sophie Todd

Rowley , a conspiracy-theorist  Samuel Chapman-Mills

Cleo, casting agent  Naphtali Sinclair

Agent June  Jana Petrova

Agent April  Georgia White

Agent August  Aruna Jalloh

‘Sonya’, an actor  Keely Runton

‘Wendy’, an actor  Amber Rose Carr

‘Tina’, an actor  Sara Lindbach

‘Stephanie’, an actor  Anna Ajobo

‘Amanda’, an actor  Chloe Boulger

‘Paul’, an actor  Joseph Mark

The Liberation Hypothesis

by Steven Dykes based on the writings of Patricia Pearson

I cannot even say I want the madness to end. I kid myself this is the realm of darkness, the writer’s natural home,where lesser mortals fear to tread. I can kid myself for now, but for how much longer… I’m not sure.


Friday 24 May – 8.45pm

Saturday 25 May – 4.00pm

Tuesday 28 May – 8.45pm

Wednesday 29 May – 7.00pm


Venue: The Rose Theatre

Admission: £5 full price

The running times allow you to see both productions on the same day.


The Reporter  Josephine Box

The Producer  Olivia Ahmadi

The Journalist  Halldora Thoell

The Interviewee  Yasmin Dawes

The Suspect Morgan Ashley

The Female Detective  Darcey O’Rourke

The Male Detective  Ryan Ellis

Production Team

Production Manager  Olivia Ellis

Technical Manager  Mark Matthews

Stage Manager  Ben Edwards

Deputy Stage Manager  Ólöf Bjarnadóttir

Assistant Stage Manager  Reece Woodhouse

Assistant Stage Manager  Rachel Kimber

Live Camera Technician  Liam Daly

Media Server Programmer  Jay Mayer

Assistant Lighting Designer  Espen Hammerstead Karlsen

Lighting Programmer  Nathan Brown 

Chief Production Electrician  Luke Jeffrey

Sound Operator & Production Sound Engineer  Tom Laing

Costume Supervisor  Katie Helen Unwin

Scenic Project Manager  Rachel MacLoughlin

Scenic Workshop Manager  Grace Blagden

Workshop Assistant  Beth Rientoul

Workshop Assistant  Gemma Randall-McBride

Workshops Assistant  Sophie Child

Workshop Assistant   Dani Friedman

Company Movement  Jonathan Young

Company Voice  Sarah Nichols


These shows contain adult material, strong language and descriptions of violence. Recommended minimum age is 16.