To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Arthur Miller and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, BA (Hons) American Theatre Arts students stage two of the playwright’s most powerful and haunting plays in the Rose Theatre.

Director: Steven Dykes
Designer: Anna Kirsty
Lighting Designer: Jason Monmaney
Projection & Content Designer: Joshua Catling
Sound Designer: Alex Goddard

Performances will take place at the following times in the Rose Theatre:

Friday 22 May 
Incident at Vichy (6pm)
After the Fall (7.45pm)

Saturday 23 May
Incident at Vichy (1pm)
After the Fall (2.45pm)

Saturday 23 May
Incident at Vichy (6pm)
After the Fall (7.45pm)

Double bill tickets:  Full price £7.00, Concessions (Over 65s, students) £5.00, Rose Bruford College Students £1.50


Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller

“Horror and confusion in the face of the atrocities of the Holocaust made for some of Miller’s most profound writing. In Incident at Vichy recent detainees of the occupying regime grapple with fears and uncertainty, and an eerie intimation of the fate that awaits them.”
Andy Dubrov, Jewish Theatre News


Lebeau – Lewis Newman

Bayard – Thomas Maryan

Marchand – Rachel Bunn

Monceau – David Fenne

Gypsy – Shalana Serafina

Waitress – Coco Jackson

Leduc – Elliot Burton

Von Stubenberg – Ebba Sig

Major – Michael Grant

Professor Hoffman – Keith Higinbotham

Nurse – Abbii Cardell

Police Guard – Matthew Cleverly

Detainees – Hebe Louisa Fox, Evan Simmonds, Abigail Snow, Emma Zadow

Violinist – Doireann Macmahon

After the Fall by Arthur Miller

Miller observed, “The Mind has no color, but its memories are brilliant against the greyness of the landscape.” After The Fall is a play about guilt, loss and cruelty – and yet the playwright’s pioneering vision of total theatre infuses the play with such a heady mix of music, dance and startling imagery it is the spirit of human endurance that ultimately triumphs.


Quentin – Keith Higinbotham

The Listener – Emma Zadow

Felice – Abigail Snow

Mother – Emily Toomey

Father – David Fenne

Jean – Shalana Serafina

Louise – Hebe Louisa Fox

Elsie – Abbii Cardell

Lou – Evan Simmonds

Mickey – Thomas Maryan

Holga – Georgia Maskery

Maggie – Mary O’Loan

Young Quentin – Rowan Pragnell


Violin – Doireann Macmahon

Guitar / Ukulele – Elliot Burton

Cello / Bass – Emily Toomey


These amateur productions are presented by arrangement with Joseph Weinberger.