Presented by Acting BA (Hons)  and Actor Musicianship BA (Hons) in collaboration with Audio Production BA (Hons)Costume Production BA (Hons), Creative Lighting Control BA (Hons), Stage Management BA (Hons) and Light in Performance MA.

New Writing Season 2024

The New Writing Season comprises eight plays and a song cycle, written, directed, and performed by third year students from the Acting and Actor Musicianship programmes. Under the guidance of BAFTA award winning writer Janys Chambers and West End Composer Darren Clark the entire year were introduced to the creative energies and disciplines of playwriting and dramatic song writing leading to a selection of short plays and a playlist of original songs.

Double Bill

Marcel Aparu by Adryne Caulder-James

Director Adryne Caulder-James

‘Like can’t you just be in your skin and I don’t know just, just fucking be? Tell all these people to mind their business yeah?’ 

What happens when your community is devastated? A place where you’ve laughed, argued, built relationships, and matured. Now think, what if that community was a person’s life instead? This story is based on Chris Kaba’s life. Say his name.


Playing Doctors by Thalia Gambe

Director Thalia Gambe

Danielle is a junior nurse. Long hours, tough decisions and no recognition. Donald is grieving for his wife. Confused, heartbroken and pleading for answers. Their worlds collide under tragic circumstances.


Tues 21 May – 11am

Wed 22 May – 3pm

Thurs 23 May – 7pm

VenueBarn Theatre, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9DF

Triple Bill 1

Riot Street by Seren Hamilton

Director: Seren Hamilton

“When you live round here, it doesn’t phase you, death or violence or any of that shit. You just get on with it.”

On the 22nd of May, 2023, in the Welsh town of Ely, a long-lived feud between the police and the people finally comes to breaking point.

GIVE IT UP by Sinéad Redahan

Director Sinéad Redahan

The door has been left open to let the spirits out, but does that mean old ghosts can make their way back in? Follow the Morris family, as they navigate loss and grief, in a home that they thought had left turbulence behind a long time ago – it’s time for a final, bumpy ride.

BROMANCE! by Dane Juler

Director Dane Juler

BROMANCE! The story of Paul and Lee. With talk of kids, dreams of the future and coming out, Paul’s sexuality isn’t alone in rocking the family’s boat. As dinner is served, so is the truth.


Tues 21 May – 3pm

Wed 22 May – 7pm

Fri 24 May – 11am

VenueBarn Theatre, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9DF

Triple Bill 2

Adam Nofel  by Jacopo Mascitelli

Director Larissa Da Fonseca

When the contrast between the life he has and the one he so intensely imagined becomes too stark, Adam shuts himself away from the outside world, but opens up to us, the audience. Thanks to this interaction, a date, and a pregnancy, Adam learns how being needed can help us accept our need of others.

Lingering Spirits by Liam Jedele

Director Sam Grant

It’s Levi’s last shift at the Copper Mule. As he pulls his final pints, changes his final kegs, and tells his final jokes – he sees the Pub, and its Inhabitants, as if for the first time. Suddenly… it’s not so easy to leave behind.

Pruning Rosie by Christopher Dean

Director Christopher Dean

Rosie has been married for sixteen years. Perfect husband, perfect daughter, perfect job. But weeds are wreaking havoc in the garden. And every morning she wakes up in different clothes to the ones she went to sleep in…


Tues 21 May – 7pm

Thurs 23 May – 11am

Fri 24 May – 3pm

VenueBarn Theatre, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9DF

Song Cycle

Nell Gwynn devised by the Company

Director Dafydd Veck

Oranges. Laxatives. Governmental Pigeons… but what is fact and what is simply fiction? An ensemble of actor-musicians tackles a true rags to riches tale in this Song Cycle inspired by the life and times of Nell Gwynn.


Wed 22 May – 11am

Thurs 23 May – 3pm

Fri 24 May – 7pm

VenueBarn Theatre, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9DF

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