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Directed by Michael Corbidge

Pericles, Prince of Tyre follows the odyssey of a young Prince in his quest for love and family. Pericles’ journey through the unpredictable waters of the Mediterranean has its ups and downs, and as he is cast on unfamiliar soils he witnesses both the horrors and the beauties of humanity. Will good triumph over evil?



Rebecca Baker – Lychorida / Thaliart / Daughter
Claire Dean – Pander
Liv Fowler – Marina
Kelley Goode – Cerimon / Bawd
Emma Hodgkinson – Dioniza
Jenna Kaplan – Cleon / Philemon / Boult
Alvaro Morato – Lysimachus
Sandrine Pittaway – Simonides / Diana
Steffi Yasemin Renique – Helicanus / Thaisa
Eva Tritschler – Aeschines / Leonine
Alice Wolff-Whitehouse – Pericles
Scott Zhang – Antiochus