Director Gary Pillai
Designer Victoria Maytom 
Lighting Designer Abi Turner 

Deptford, 1900. Five raucous, brave and funny young women make a living hacking and scraping carcasses in a Cattle abbatoir. Theirs is a life of long hours and small, hard fought victories. But the foul smelling shed protects against hunger and cold and is a refuge for fallen women. No need to risk a violent marriage or the dangers of childbirth if you can work there with your mates. That is, until new tariffs threaten meat imports, and rumours of sackings begin to circulate. And all this time the local Duchess Lady Helena has decided she will save the girls from their degeneracy, offering lessons in good manners with the bribe of free cakes.

Performances dates

Monday 9 March – 7:30pm
Tuesday 10 March – 7:30pm
Wednesday 11 March – 2:30pm & 7:30pm


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Maggie Jessica Whitehurst

Annie  Eleanor Kirby

Ellen Alana Chokarian

Kate Gabriela Gibbs

Polly Emily Dermont

Lady Helena Clare Noy

Lord Edwin Tartaden Henry Jennings

Harry David Thomas Croffy

Emily Rebecca Lyons

Arthur C. Smythe Daniele Antonini

Len Harry White

Edna Nora Jess Kambitsis

Jim Tom Higgins

Eady Lara Cooper-Chadwick

Priscilla Anna Elise LaFrance

Bert Mad Jacko Daniel Briggs



Production Team


Production Supervisor David Salter

Production Manager Ryan Jacques

Company Manager Megan Childs

Technical Manager Nick Steer

Head of Lighting Rhys Ferris

Head of Sound Thomas Laing


Stage Management

Stage Manager Reece Woodhouse

Deputy Stage Manager Eoin Harrington

Assistant Stage Manager Zoe Cole

Assistant Stage Manager Rebecca Cladingboel



Production Electrician Matthew Ascough

Lighting Programmer Hudson Daly



Scenic Manager Dani Friedman

Scenic Manager Lily Gilmartin

Scenic Assistant Jakub Kurys

Scenic Assistant Jess Turkson



Costume Supervisor Gemma Ford

Costume Assistant Tanya Walsh

Costume Assistant Megan Mitchell

Costume Assistant Bethany Hayward

Costume Assistant Emily Annegarn