Frogs. Puberty. Revolution. Plagues. Ghosts. Graduation. Toast.

Liminality. A time of possibility. A threshold. The in-between of who you are and who you will become. The journey from bread to toast.


Adrianna Paniak
Aimee Winch
Clara Janssen
Claudia Maga
Clàudia Hernández Surós
Georgia Polly-Taylor
Illy Parrwood
Kenya Sterling
Leo Shepherd
Lili Chin
Maya Hallpike
Oliver Ward
Olivia Dodson
Rooben Galbraith-Goode
Sara Font Cucurull

Production Manager: Roshni Parmar Stage Manager: Ken Morgan

Deputy Stage Manager: John Boswell

Assistant Stage Manager: Drew Lachman

Technical Manager: Chris Shute

Head of Lighting: Tom Kirkmanwood

Production Electrician: Bradley Bywater

Lighting designers:
Dan Maxted
Lilli Fisher

Assistant Lighting Designer:
Anna Lundberg

Programmer: Tyler Simmons

Production Supervisor: Ali Pottinger

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