Our final year European Theatre Arts students are marking Tadeusz Kantor's centenary year by performing a devised piece in our Barn Theatre.

Kantor was born on April 16 1915 in the Polish town of Wielopole. From 1934 to 1939 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. His professors included the painter and set designer Karol Frycz. Kantor then embarked on a career as a set and costume designer and director, before setting up the influential Cricot 2 Theatre in 1955 with a group of visual artists, art critics and art theoreticians.

Today is my Birthday was Kantor's last play. Kantor himself was to play the part of the Owner of the Poor Room of Imagination, who is celebrating his 75th birthday in the performance. Unfortunately he died on the 8 December 1990, after one of the last rehearsals. In the end an empty chair belonging to Kantor played a role in the performance.

Today is my 100th Birthday or The Disappearance of Ubu Roi is a devised performance under the direction of Anna Makrzanowska in the College's Barn Theatre.

The performance will take place in the Barn Theatre at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th February 2015.

Free tickets can be reserved by e-mailing  [email protected] by 11th February 2015

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