What you'll study

Training as actors, directors and writers.

Run in partnership with National Theater Institute (NTI) in Connecticut.

Study at two different locations:

  • Year one National Theater Institute in Connecticut, USA
  • Year two Rose Bruford College Lewisham Campus

This programme is also available as a 13 month MA, training at NTI and Rose Bruford College. The MA course structure is under review and more detail will be added to this page in early 2023.

International Theatre Practice and Performance Rose Bruford College

Why choose this course?

Expert training

Drawing on the benefits and experience of two noteworthy educational institutions with an excellent history of delivering high-quality vocational theatre training, you will study performance and theatre creation in its totality: acting, directing, playwriting, music theatre, theory, history, and dramatic literature, as well as several basic aspects of technical theatre.

Unique approach

This MA/MFA programme offers a unique global degree across two continents. The programme uniquely integrates the British and American approaches to theatre training. This programme attracts students who are not just internationally-focused and highly motivated but also interested in self-sustaining approaches to theatre making.


Students will undertake a profound practical investigation into contemporary performance, directing and writing, and their relationship to making new theatre and performance creation.

Industry contacts and networking

Build a network and make connections on both sides of the Atlantic. Graduates can take part in a showcase in New York.

Graduate Visa

On successful completion of the MFA you will be eligible to apply for the Graduate visa, which will give you permission to stay in the UK for at least 2 years. With a Graduate visa you can: work in most jobs, look for work, be self-employed, continue living in the UK with you partner and children (if they’re eligible), do voluntary work, travel abroad and return to the UK.

MFA Course Structure

The MFA programme has a unique pattern in that this MFA programme is taught for two years across two different continents. The programme will benefit from the courses already on offer at Rose Bruford College and NTI which have been developed, structured and used as the springboard to build the MFA.

  • Module 1. Performance skills (30 credits)
  • Module 2. Performative Writing/Vade Mecum (30 credits)
  • Module 3. Performer, Writer, Director and Theatre Maker. (30 credits)
  • Module 4: Laboratory Intensive (30 credits)
  • Module 5. Advanced Practice (60 credits) This module offer students an option in either directing, writing, music theatre or performing.
  • Module 6: Final Independent Project (60 credits) (Rose Bruford tutored)

This final module facilitates the creation of your original creative work. This may be a performance, a conceptual paper, a multi-dimensional proposition of a project that you have developed, and a pitch to professional organisations; it may be the practical articulation of your own practice or a model and vision for your future organisation. It could be a book or a proposition for a PhD; it may be presenting your Research and Development for a theatre production or creating a showreel, professional portfolio, and audition material.

It will be the culmination and distillation of the practice and vision you have developed over the course of your studies and reflect the integrity and originality of your practice. Your final project can be understood as the proposition launches you into the professional world.

MFA Year 1

Based at the National Theater Institute, Connecticut, USA.

The course structure is under review and this section will be updated in early 2023.


MFA Year 2

Based at Rose Bruford College in London, UK.

The course structure is under review and this section will be updated in early 2023.

This programme is only suitable for US citizens as the National Theater Institute (NTI) can not host international students for the element of the programme delivered here. If you are not a US citizen, you will not be eligible to apply for this course, but you may be interested in one of our other Postgraduate programmes.

Course fees

For the MA (13 month course): £32,200
This fee includes:

  • Tuition Housing for the semester at the National Theatre Institute (NTI)
  • Food and/or a food stipend for the semester at the NTI
  • 2-week residency in London or New York City
  • Local Transport while at NTI
  • Graduation robe hire
  • 2 Graduation guests
  • Transcripts/degree

For the MFA (2-year course): £57,156
This fee includes:

  • Tuition Housing for the semesters at NTI
  • Food for the semesters at NTI
  • 2-week residency in London or New York City
  • Local Transport while at NTI
  • Graduation robe hire
  • 2 Graduation guests transcripts/degree

Institution code:

Course code:

Entry requirements

Applicants for Masters Programmes will be expected to have a good undergraduate degree in a related subject area. The College also encourages applications from those without formal qualifications who may be accepted on the basis of professional experience.

Application Guidance

Once you have filled out an expression of interest online, a member of our admissions team will contact you with an invitation to apply. You will be asked to submit an audition form with digital self-tapes, no more than 2 minutes each, performed in English.

1.     Submit two contrasting monologues no longer than 2 minutes each (one contemporary, one classical)

2.     In addition to steps 1 and 2, dependent on your faculty, you must also submit:

a.     If you are a writer: Submit material; a play you have written

b.     If you are a director: A portfolio

c.     Multi discipline artists are encouraged to apply, if you are a director/playwright/actor/composer for example you will submit materials that give a sense of your work in each area.

In all cases, the selection panel will look for a high degree of explicit ability, of self-motivation and criticism with an informed enthusiasm capable of sustaining you within the more rigorous and challenging conditions of the MFA programme.


If successful at Stage 1, applicant is invited to attend a live online interview. The outcome will either be an offer made or application unsuccessful

Funding and Financial Support

Course Summary


MA 13 months MFA 24 Months

Mode of study

Full time

Start date

October 2023

Course Type

Postgraduate Course



Course Fees (2023 Entry)

MA UK & Republic of Ireland & International Students (180 credits)


MFA UK & Republic of Ireland & International Students (240 credits)