Dear ALRA student, welcome to Rose Bruford College.

We are so sorry to hear of the closure of ALRA and recognise this is a really difficult time for you all.  Following their invitation, we have been working with the Office for Students to step in to support you in the continuation of your studies. We are working hard to provide the support and systems so that you can continue your studies with as little disruption as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions that we have compiled in order to offer you as much information as possible. We will continue to update these in response to your ongoing questions.

Below is information on what to do if you wish to transfer to Rose Bruford College and email or phone number information if you prefer to talk to a member of staff here. We wish to assure you that we are here to support you, please contact us with any questions, big or small and we will respond to you.


How do I transfer to Rose Bruford College?

Email us at [email protected], or telephone 0208 308 2628 . Please provide your name, current course, details of your funding arrangements, and year of study and we will be back in touch with you to send you a registration form. Once we receive the form back, you will be confirmed as a Rose Bruford College (RBC) student.


Will my course continue?

Yes, RBC is going to continue to teach your existing course on the same high of level of contact hours and production values.


Why has ALRA closed?

ALRA has closed because the college has experienced major financial losses that it could not recover from.


Can I transfer from my acting course to an RBC course?

Currently the offer of transfer is for your existing courses, if you wish to transfer into another RBC course please contact [email protected], and staff will refer you to our admissions team.


I’ve paid money to ALRA – how do I get it back?

We understand that some students have made payments in advance to ALRA for the summer term. It is the Official Receiver’s role to administer ALRA’s affairs through the liquidation process – and they will ultimately decide what happens to fees which have been paid in advance. They are currently taking legal advice on this issue, and will inform the students in question once the position is definite. While it may take some time for all of these issues to be resolved, the OfS will work to help ensure that ALRA’s students are treated fairly throughout this difficult process. As soon as we have further information for ALRA students we will pass this on.


I have personal belongings in the ALRA buildings, how do I get them back?

The Official Receiver is making arrangements regarding access to the buildings. We will pass on this information as soon as it is available.


I have work saved on the ALRA computer systems, how do I obtain access?

The Official Receiver is making arrangements to access ALRA systems. We will pass on this information as soon as it is available.


When will lessons continue?

The summer term is now scheduled to start a week later on 3 May and end a week later in order for the college to ensure all support systems are in place. This will be confirmed to those students who wish to transfer.


Where will I be taught?

We are hoping that students at Alra North will be taught at the same premises in Wigan, and students at ALRA South will be taught at a London location.


Have I been given more time to complete work?

Yes, there is a general extension for all work of three weeks beyond the original hand in date. Level 6 PRP dates will be notified separately.


Who will award my degree?

For those of you graduating this year, the awarding body will still be St. Mary’s University for all awards other than the MFA Linklater Teaching Practice. Any students graduating from that award, or for those of you graduating in the year 2022-23 or 2023-24 , Rose Bruford College will be the awarding body.


Will I receive my DADA bursary?

We are working with the Department for Education to have your DADA bursary transferred. If you choose to study with us, please tell is if you are in receipt of a DADA bursary.

If you are due to receive a DaDA maintenance costs payment on Monday 25th April 2022, please contact [email protected] The maintenance payment will be paid by Rose Bruford College, but there may be a delay of a few days in processing this. If the delay means you are unable to pay bills, please contact [email protected] and we will send you an Emergency Loan Application Form to complete. Please note that the emergency loan is only available to students who have returned their registration form.


Will I get my student loan?

Discussions have been held with the Student Loan Company (SLC). Once you have returned your registration form to us, then we will inform them that you are transferring to Rose Bruford College. There is no need for you to contact the SLC yourself at this stage.


Who will teach me?

All courses will continue to be taught by qualified and experienced staff who understand your curriculum and level.


Can I talk to a counsellor as I have anxiety?

Yes, once you have decided to transfer to RBC, and have returned your registration form, there is an out of hours helpline and access to personal counselling.


I don’t want to be an RBC student, where else can I go?

For all students other than those on the MFA Linklater Teaching Practice award, please contact St. Mary’s who give you advice and provide you with a list of alternative providers. For students studying on the MFA Linklater Teaching Practice programme, please contact AUB.

If there is another HE provider that you wish to apply to, contact their admissions department directly explaining what has happened


I’m an international student and want to transfer to another provider. Do I have to leave the country?

As an international student, your permission to stay in the UK is based on ALRA holding a sponsor licence. After ALRA’s licence to sponsor international students ends, UK Visa & Immigration will review your permission and contact you with a new, shorter expiry date. You will usually have 60 days permission from the date that UKVI contact you with the new expiry date, unless there is less than 60 days left on your current permission. Until you are contacted by UKVI, your current permission expiry date remains in place.  You can apply for permission to stay in the UK to study a new course as long as the new course starts no more than 28 days after the expiry date of your permission – depending on when you apply, this may be your current expiry date, or the new expiry date given by UKVI. The UK Council for International Student Affairs ( can provide advice and support for international students.

Rose Bruford College has Tier 4 status, so will be able to help liaise with UKVI.

ALRA students who wish to meet with Rose Bruford College staff  are invited to join us on Zoom at the following times.

MA Directing and MA Professional Acting Zoom calls are being rescheduled so that we can ensure we have all of the information you will need, we will confirm the new time here as soon as we can.

Undergraduate students meeting Tuesday 5th April 2022 6-7pm

Postgraduate students meeting Tuesday 5th April 2022 7-8pm

Undergraduate students meeting Thursday 7th April 2-3pm


Postgraduate students meeting Thursday 7th April 3-4pm