Rose Bruford College lighting students Owen Yelland and Jordan Tinniswood were selected from students across the country to work for internationally renowned lighting company Robe at the prestigious TPi Lighting Awards at Battersea Evolution in London on 26 February 2018.

Owen and Jordan joined four other students from colleges around the UK to form part of the Next Robe Generation (NRB) initiative, which provides opportunities for the next generation of lighting designers, technicians and operators to meet and socialise in informal settings with current industry professionals and lighting practitioners.

2nd year BA (Hons) Creative Lighting Control student Owen worked as Systems Technician, whilst 2nd year BA (Hons) Lighting Design student Jordan worked as Assistant Lighting Designer to Robe’s in-house media and Lighting Designer, Nathan Wan.

Jordan explains the opportunity to work with Nathan made it an easy choice to apply for the opportunity;

“The work Nathan creates alongside Andy Webb for Robe has captured my imagination for a long time and getting the opportunity to see how he designs his work first hand and to be able to help him out in some way was something I couldn’t turn down!”

Atracting over 1,400 people from all corners of the live music and entertainment technology business, the TPi Awards acknowledge and reward the achievements of the most talented and successful individuals and service companies working within the industry.

Owen, who impressed David Wan so much that a new role was created for him, found the experience invaluable as he prepares for a career in the industry;

“When my tutor mentioned the opportunity, I knew instantly that the chance to work on the TPi Awards was going to be great opportunity to build up my experience and would be a massive learning curve and challenge – which I like!

I’ve gained invaluable understanding and knowledge of networks for large-scale events and my highlight has to be when the main show began with the opening light show and the system worked.”

Nick Hunt, Rose Bruford College’s Head of School Design, Management and Technical Arts was delighted with Owen and Jordan’s contribution and explains that it is a perfect example of how the College prepares students to work in all areas of the live events industries, as well as in theatre;

“We work closely with our industry partners to create ‘real world’ opportunities to learn in the professional workplace. Robe has been a supporter of the College for many years, and has once again given our students a really valuable experience. Congratulations to Owen and Jordan, who have done the College – and themselves – proud!”

Mick Hanniford, Robe’s Managing Director was full of praise for all the students who took part in the NRB initiative

“The crew exceeded our expectations – they worked harder and longer hours than we would could have anticipated but they just wanted to make sure it was all right, and to match Nathan’s exacting requirements.

I honestly got the sense throughout the process that they didn’t want to let Robe, their College or their fellow crew members down. They are on their way to being incredibly successful people in their chosen careers.”

Jordan interviewed at the Awards
Watch Owen and Jordan’s opening of the TPi Awards


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Photographed: Owen Yelland (2nd from left) and Jordan Tinniswood (3rd from right) with the rest of the NRG@TPi team. Photo credit Robe Lighting.