It is with great sadness that we learnt of the recent passing of our great voice teacher Sally Grace.

Sally has been associated with Rose Bruford College since 1968. For 25 years she trained so many of our acting graduates, preparing them for diverse areas of voice work and even voice teaching. She remained a regular visitor to the College, participating in a number of verse competitions and research areas.

In 2011, Sally was awarded the College’s prestigious Green Rose as an acknowledgement of her contribution to Voice and Speech.

Former Principal of the College and student of Sally, Phil Robins has paid the following tribute:

“Sally was a genuine ‘breath of fresh air’, and made an immediate impression on us students with her youthful energy and enthusiasm.  Although a Voice and Speech specialist, many of us will also remember Sally’s input to Verse Speaking and to the programmes of verse we toured to schools and Colleges.

I later knew Sally as a colleague when she continued to demonstrate her love for the College and its students together with her passion for her subject.  She was Head of Voice for many years and after leaving the College enjoyed a subsequent and successful career as a voice coach in film, television and theatre.

She made a significant contribution to the College and its success, and will be fondly remembered by so many of us.”

Our sincere condolences go to her family and friends.