Student Profile: Jay Mayer

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London based Video/Lighting Programmer and System Designer


I love talking about creative ideas and bringing them to life with modern technology. I’m an agile and adaptable technologist who enjoys learning hardware and software in depth, then applying knowledge to solve new or challenging projects and problems.

Tools I often use:
Disguise, ETC Eos, grandMA 2, Vectorworks, WYSIWYG, QLab


Previous experience:

Technical Assistant at 59 Productions



Winner of Hog Factor UK 2018

Contact details

Training & Related skills

  • NCRQ Safety for Managers
  • Dante Certification Level 3
  • Level 3 Advanced Programming for Eos Family Software
  • grandMA 2 Advanced User Training

Production & Projects

  • False Flag & The Liberation Hypothesis - Media Server Programmer
  • Victoria's Knickers - Lighting Programmer
  • The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe - Technical Manager / Sound Designer
  • Desdemona's Child (blood cry) by Caridad Svich - Technical Manager / Sound Designer
  • City of Angels - Production Electrician
  • Full Fathom Five - Lighting Programmer 

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