Student Profile: Matt Heslop

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  • Height: 6ft (182cm)
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Spotlight Number: 8931-5619-3102
  • Age: 16-25

Contact details

Training & Related skills

Accents/Dialects: English-Sussex (Native), RP*, American-Standard*, Australian, Heightened RP, Irish, London

Skills: Horse-Riding*, Ballet, Clowning, Historical Dance, Stage Combat, TYA

Musical Skills: Trombone*, Organ*, Piano*, Musical Director, Accordion, Cello, Bass Guitar, Tenor* (A2–F#5 Belt to A4)

Production & Projects

Matt will be appearing as Jimmy Powers in Rose Bruford’s London Season Musical City of Angels. He is also the Musical Arranger and Musical Director of this production.

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