Student Profile: Michael Bijok

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  • Height: 6'3''
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Spotlight Number: 3412-3490-6509
  • Age: 20-30

Training & Related skills

Accents/Dialects: RP (native), Somerset, Wiltshire, German, Polish, Russian, South African, Estuary, American (general), American (southern states), American (New York),

Skills: (*=highly skilled) Basic Latin & Ballroom Dance, Basic Renaissance & Elizabethan Dance, Unarmed Combat, Rapier & Dagger, Small Sword, Swimming, Yoga, Athletic, Cycling, Writing, Directing, Devising, Improvisation, Puppetry, Physical Theatre, Barista*, Full UK Driving Licence,

Musical Skills: Singing Range A2-D5


Three Days In The Country, Arkady, Sarah Bedi, 2017, Stage
The Tempest, Trinculo/Chorus, Peter Bramley, 2017, Stage
Romeo & Juliet, Romeo, David Zoob, 2017, Stage
Barefoot Gen, Shinji/Daikichi/Pilot, Suzanne Gorman, 2017, Stage
The Possibilities, Man/The Torturer/The Officer, Alison MacKinnon, 2016, Stage,
The Lower Depths, Satine, Julian Jones, 2016, Stage,

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