Student Profile: Stasa Dukic

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  • Height: 168
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Ethnicity: Croatian
  • Age: 20/31

Training & Related skills

I was accepted to the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, in 2008, studying Stanislavski, Jacques Lecoq, Antonin Artaud, Bertolt Brecht and other methods, I have been Shakespeare's Juliet, to Helen of Troy. After finishing the Academy I have been in many professional plays and won an award for the best young actress in 2015, for the role of Stella from “The streetcar named desire” Tennessee Williams on the International Theatre festival MESS. Also my carrier has been focused on film ("Children of Sarajevo'', director: Aida Begic “Un Certain Regard - Special Distinction of the Jury award”) and have been attending workshops where I train and improved my skills with clowns and masks, puppets, voice workshops and music connected to movement and theatre residency (Music Up Close Network), one that I would say stands out is “Dream: Joy of Creating for Early Years” workshop in Ashford, UK. But next to my acting carrier I have been working with children for now five years. I have directed or codirected seven plays for young audiences with all children actors. I had the luck to learn from people who have been creating for young audiences for years. After being an assistant, I get a job at “Basics School” as an acting teacher where I have been for three years sharing with them my experiences and knowledge, by using memory games, movement excesses, material and colour methods of producing sound and movement, which led to a creation of two children actors musicals based on “Lion King” and “Frozen”. Worked with a lot of NGO organizations, where I had the luck to create theatre plays with children that had their own stories to tell. My method has always been to first find out what the child’s need is and how he can express it through the magic of theatre. I also am working for the Sarajevo Film Festival for now five years where I have progressed from assistant job to the coordinator for Competition programme, where I am in direct contact with the guests and our assistants, and am working with the programme selector Elma Tataragić.

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