Introduction to Meisner Acting Technique

  • Introduction to Meisner Acting Technique
  • Introduction to Meisner Acting Technique
  • Introduction to Meisner Acting Technique
  • Introduction to Meisner Acting Technique
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About this course


2 weeks

Term Start

July 2021

Entry Requirements

Applications are welcome from those aged 18+.


Why choose this course?

The course work provides an introduction to the Meisner progression technique, updated to serve the unique needs of contemporary actors. Master teachers Kathryn Gately and Richard Poole have proven success for several decades in new innovations in actor training, developing versatile, award-winning actors who are successful in the competitive entertainment industry. Included in this workshop are on-camera techniques which are highly beneficial for actors pursuing careers in the Film and Television industry.

The content of this course is a dynamic and effective blend of sensual acting skills with text, scene work, and on-camera techniques, all necessary for the 21 st century actor.

Fee and Application Information

Week 1
Monday 12 July - 5 pm to 9 pm BST (UK)
Wednesday 14 July - 5 pm to 9 pm BST (UK)
Friday 16 July - 5 pm to 9 pm BST (UK)

Week 2
Monday 19 July - 5 pm to 9 pm BST (UK)
Wednesday 21 July - 5 pm to 9 pm BST (UK)
Friday 23 July - 5 pm to 9 pm BST (UK)

Total of 24 hours

Four hours a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Course Fee:
Early Bird Fee: £300. 5 Tickets available 
Usual Booking Fee: £350

How to Apply

Please email for any enquiries.

Please click here to read our terms and conditions.

Course content

Repetition: Allows students to inhabit shared experience in an unanticipated, authentic moment to moment journey.

Activities – Action Work: This work answers the imperatives –
What are you doing?
Why are you doing it?
What do you hope to achieve?

Dramatic Imagination: Lessons engage each student’s entrance into the world of the dramatic imagination, illuminating pathways unique to each actor. Through dramatic imaginings, the actor creates and experiences life-altering circumstances.

Sense Memory: This exercise is a powerful and reliable tool for helping actors develop a vivid inner-life. It begins as a strong concentration exercise by focusing on the actor’s attention on a specific object. During this time, the actor explores the object in infinite detail using the 5 senses as needed – sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch. As the concentration strengthens, the experience turns into feelings evoked, by the object [essential for film work].

The on-camera work will introduce the actor to handling the ‘close-up’. These exercises will help develop the actor’s sense of intimacy in the medium, a deep and effortless emotional inner-life, a simplicity of behaviour which allows the ‘close up’ without pushing away the audience when the actions and emotions are forceful and highly dramatic. “It is in the ‘close-up’ that the actor makes his career”.

Once these important skills have been introduced, lessons are woven into selected scenes.

Who is this course for?
Actors who want to strengthen their moment to moment imagined experiences through action and specific points of view for the stage, film, and television.


“Kathryn Gately - She has an eye for the truth. What I learned most was that your emotions are kind of at your fingertips and that they have to be fluid. When you’re working in film, and especially television – you have to shift gears and get going.”
James Gandolfini – The Sopranos [Emmy Award winner]

"Kathryn Gately focuses on every single moment and detail in a scene and allows men to see these moments through several different perspectives. She opens me up to new ideas and ways of approaching scenes."
Amanda Seyfried - Mank, Mamma Mia, Les Misérables, The Art of Racing in the Rain

"Kathryn Gately is a woman of intelligence, grace and artistry. Her 1st and 2nd-year work were instrumental in my development as a writer."
Kurt Sutter (writer/producer) Emmy award winner, Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, The Bastard Executioner

Tutor profiles

Kathryn Gately served as Head of and/or co-teacher of 2 nationally ranked URTA/NAST and UNIFIED MFA/BFA/BA Acting Programs. She headed the graduate program in Acting at Northern (NIU). At Mason Gross, she co-taught the MFA and BFA students with Mr. William Esper. As an actress and a teacher, Professor Gately trained extensively under Sanford Meisner and William Esper. She is a 2-year graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse and earned an MFA in Acting at Mason Gross, Rutgers. Ms. Gately has created intensive conservatory programs for major agencies, managers, and schools in NYC, LA, Dublin, and London. Kathryn has been featured in the book Acting Teachers in America, interviewed on NBC’s Extra and acknowledged on Bravo’s Actor’s Studio Television series. She has been recognized as a leader in Theatre Education and one of its most Notable Women in America by Marquis Who’s Who. She has coached for on and off-Broadway productions and Award-winning Films and Television Shows, as well as international theatre productions in Moscow, Hungry, and Dublin, Ireland. She was a consultant for ABC, and CBS and for the film, Wild Iris, which starred Gena Rowlands and Laura Linney, she served as an artistic advisor to producer Kevin Goetz. Ms. Linney went on to win an Emmy for her performance in the film.

Richard Poole In New York City, Richard Poole worked as the Executive Director of The Nat Horne Theatre on 42nd Street’s Historic Theatre Row, where he expanded the Gately / Poole studio to over 200 students a year. The studio was home to three separate theatre groups, including the award-winning Manhattan Class Company. Mr. Poole has also served as the Artistic Director for the Barnstormers Equity Theatre. He has taught in Europe and all across the United States. A few of Mr. Poole’s teaching and directing credits include the American Academy of DramaticArts, Rutgers University, the Interlochen Center for the Arts, and the Philadelphia Repertory Company. In NYC, Mr. Poole co-created the School for Film and Television, was Head of Acting for the Professional Program at Primary Stages Theatre Company, and co-head of the playwriting unit with Arthur Giron. He was also associated with New Dramatists in Chicago. Richard Poole is recognized as one of the most successful Showcase Directors in the United States. In 2013, he became Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University.


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