What you'll study

This part-time postgraduate course is designed for home and international full and part-time lecturers and those who support learning in Higher Education in the performing arts disciplines of theatre, drama, dance, music, lighting, scenography and the digital arts.

The course is work-based. Students utilise their own specific teaching practice to reflect upon learning and teaching issues in Higher Education, so it is essential that you are actually teaching or supporting students at this level.

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Why choose this course?

Flexible work schedule

This part-time postgraduate course is designed for home and international full and part-time lecturers

Career progression

This course will help you to enhance your career prospects. Pursue a direct route to Fellowship of the HEA if you are either employed by Rose Bruford College, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts or a staff member at an HEA affiliated institution*

Learning environment

Become a more effective supporter of learning and share good practices in work-based learning


Enhance your work through critical reflection and participation in learning communities

More about the course

Six Study Days (via Microsoft Teams/Zoom) are scheduled on Mondays throughout the year commencing at the beginning of October. These Study Days will be augmented by regular group tutorials, regular participation on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and self-directed study within your own work situations. Work-based teaching and research opportunities may be used as evidence for demonstrating the fulfilment of the course learning outcomes.

To view some of the online resources used within this course please refer to our Reflecting on Learning and Teaching in the Performing Arts website.

There are 600 learning hours (300 for Module 1 and 300 for Module 2), including teaching observations, visits to conferences, participation in staff development events, targeted reading and research and engagement with your peers in your Learning Group. Each module is worth 30 Level 7 (Masters level) credits; the programme is worth 60 credits.

Module 1

  • Focuses on key aspects of learning and teaching that relate directly to your role as a supporter of student learning.
  • You will be engaged in critical analysis and evaluation of current issues in learning and teaching and how these can inform your practice. You will explore techniques for reflective learning and the concept of action research as a methodology for enhancing the student experience.
  • Your developing understanding will be mapped through two reflective statements, one at the beginning and one later in the programme.
  • You will also have the opportunity to consider some of the more practical aspects of your professional practice, such as designing and planning learning activities, assessing and giving feedback, managing the learning environment and supporting the diverse needs of individual learners.

Module 2

  • In this module your understanding of action research, as a methodology for enhancing your practice, will be extended, you will consider notions of truth, reliability and validity, and you will be introduced to codes of ethics and a range of techniques for measuring the impact of your intervention.
  • You will be supported in gathering and making sense of your data and given guidance in writing your research report.

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Entry requirements

Applicants for Masters Programmes will be expected to have a good undergraduate degree in a related subject area. The College also encourages applications from those without formal qualifications who may be accepted on the basis of professional experience.

Funding and Financial Support

Course Summary


1 or 2 year (part-time)

Mode of study

Part time

Start date

October 2023

Course Type

Postgraduate Course

Course Fees (2023 Entry)

UK and Republic of Ireland Students


International Students