Actor Performer MA at Rose Bruford College

What you'll study

The MA/MFA Actor/Performer Training is a practice-based programme for those seeking intensive advanced training as actors and performers alongside rigorous academic study and performance research.

The programme focuses specifically on actor/performer training, theatre creation, performative writing, informed critical reflection and practice research. The uniqueness of the programme lies in the way it seeks to integrate traditional text-based conservatoire training and practices with the physical collaborative approach that has grown out of Eastern and Central Europe over the last 60 years.

The MA/MFA includes an expedition which offers a unique context for learning and ethnographic and cultural research.

Actor Performer MA at Rose Bruford College

Why choose this course?

Expert training

Provide specialist professional teaching and opportunities for study, research and embedded practice that is focused to enable you to build, enhance and take ownership over your own practice as an innovative and empowered actor performer and theatre-maker

Unique approach

Provide in-depth training and study to develop your artistic and academic expertise within highly specialised performance systems and ecologies and offering opportunities to work within dynamic and diverse, performance cultures

Exploration of text and physical performance

The uniqueness of the programme lies in the way it seeks to integrate traditional text-based conservatoire training and practices with the physical collaborative approach that has grown out of Eastern and Central Europe over the last 60 years

Learning environment

Create a pedagogical culture dedicated to providing advanced, rigorous and challenging learning and development opportunities in an environment that seeks to draw inspiration from traditional performance cultures and practices and to fuse these elements with contemporary global theatre and performance and outwardly facing theatre-artist, ready to take their place as citizens and active participants in cultural life

Actor Performer MA at Rose Bruford College

More about the course

The focus of the MA and the first year of your MFA is experiential learning and practice – exposure to rigorous craft and skill-based practise, and developing complementary artistic and professional skills to support and enhance their creative performance work.

To support this widening field of knowledge and to develop an understanding for contemporary global initiatives and professional opportunities and realities, a series of seminars, workshops, lectures, keynote interventions, and discussions will be programmed throughout the year. It is envisaged that individual students will have utilised this first year of training, study and research to develop a clear understanding of their skills, abilities and faculties as Actor/Performers and the particular field of enterprise they wish to pursue through their second year of study and beyond. MA students will undertake a Final Independent project to complete their course.

The second year of your MFA focuses on deepening and widening your field of professional practice and knowledge; the gaining of professional experience and exposure, developing professional networks and contacts and culminating in the creation of either an artist’s portfolio or a piece of independent work that typically manifests your vision, artistic practice, skills, inclinations and aptitudes. This may take the form of a live performance or presentation, an electronic presentation or a combination of these mediums.

While the MA  programme and first year of the MFA have been holistically conceived, it is built on a modular framework, culminating in the first year in a research expedition which becomes the stimulus for subsequent collaborative work towards a performance. The second year of the MFA includes a professional placement, taught weekends and a Final Independent Project module which is equivalent to the Masters’ dissertation commonly found in most MFA programmes.

Please note: Course content is regularly reviewed to make it relevant and current. Course modules are, therefore, subject to change

MA Actor/Performer Training

There are four modules in the MA:

  • Module One: The Advanced Actor
  • Module Two: Performative Writing/Vade Mecum
  • Module Three: Expedition to Performance
  • Module Four: Final Research Project

MFA Actor/Performer Training

Year One MFA

There are three modules in year one:

  • Advanced Actor Training (30 credits)
  • Performative Writing/Vade Mecum (30 credits)
  • Expedition to Performance (60 credits)

Year Two MFA

There are two modules in year two:

  • The Widening Field (60 Credits)
  • Final Independent Project (60 Credits)

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Gabriel Gawin

Programme Director MA/MFA Actor and Performer Training

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How to join

Institution code: Not required for this course.

Course code: Not required for this course.

Entry requirements

Applicants for Masters programmes will be expected to have a good undergraduate degree in a related subject area. The College also encourages applications from those without formal qualifications who may be accepted based on professional experience.

Applications remain open until the course is full. However, we understand the unique circumstances of international applicants and accept their late applications to our postgraduate programmes until 31 July.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] for information on entry criteria if you are applying from outside the UK. You can also visit our international students page.

Application Guidance

Application and self-tape

When you submit your online application you will be asked to submit an application form with digital self-tapes, no more than two minutes each, performed in English:

  • A Contemporary speech from a play (1960 onwards).
  • A Classical speech from either a Shakespeare or Jacobean play.

We have provided some Audition guidance which can be found here.

We charge an audition fee of £35. There will be no subsequent fee should you be called back for any further rounds.

Live Online Audition

If successful at the first audition stage, you will be invited to attend a live online audition performing your classical piece in front of the panel.

Final Live Online Audition/Interview

If successful at stage two, an offer may be made or you will be invited back to a third and final audition/interview.

Funding and Financial Support

Course Summary


MA 13 months
MFA 24 Months

Mode of study

Full time

Start date

October 2024

Course Type

Postgraduate Course

Course Fees (2024 Entry)

MA UK & Republic of Ireland Students (180 credits)


MA International Students (180 credits)


MFA UK & Republic of Ireland Students (240 credits)


MFA International Students (240 credits)