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What you'll study international school offers the international performing arts community full-time and part-time training programs on postgraduate level in the field of devised theatre and performance.

Practitioners with a background in theatre, performance, dance, circus arts, visual arts, design, architecture, directing, writing or choreographing, can enrol on one of our MA or MFA degree programs or complete the training with a professional development certificate.

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Postgraduate Courses Rose Bruford College

Course breakdown

Devised Theatre and Performance MA

The Devised Theatre and Performance MA at / international school in collaboration with Rose Bruford College offers you an intense and practice-based program to introduce you to the process of creating and reflecting your own work in the field of contemporary theatre and performance.

Its approach builds on the research of the French theatre reformer Jacques Lecoq into the process of embodiment as a pathway to personal authenticity, creative autonomy and artistic originality.

The program invites you to explore your voice and vision as an artist at the beginning of the 21st century through a highly movement-based approach, which aims to increase your ability to experience the worlds around and within you with all your senses and in a state of profound playfulness.

You will build on your already existing practice/s as an actress, dancer, writer, designer, musician, circus performer, fine artist, architect, etc. and will explore the possibilities of collaborative devising, interdisciplinary collaborations or solo projects through the performative languages of your interest,  from installation to physical theatre performance, film making to playwriting, dance choreography to set design.

The program understands itself as a hybrid between a creative laboratory and rigorous training and aims to support you on the way to become the artist you wish to be as well as at the development of autonomous, personal and innovative work.

Programme Specification

Advanced Devising Practice MFA

The Advanced Devising Practice MFA at international school offers practitioners interested in deepening their devising practice in addition to module 1-3 of the MA Devised Theatre and Performance an advanced exploration of embodied dramaturgy as practical and theoretical research into the universe of your devised work and how it relates to the worlds we live in.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to explore your own voice as a creator through the development, research, creation, presentation and documentation of a performative project over 6 months. The project can be presented in Berlin or any other location of your own choice.

Programme Specification

Integral Movement and Performance Practice MA/MFA

The Integral Movement and Performance Practice MA/MFA  at / Thomas Prattki Centre in collaboration with Rose Bruford College addresses advanced practitioners in the performing, healing and educational arts, who wish to deepen their research into the practices of embodiment and devised performance as a pathway to self-development, whether in settings for personal growth as in the movement and performance-based educational and healing arts or for the development of professional performance projects which are rooted in a dialogue with one’s own body self and its resonances to inner and outer worlds.

The program seeks to integrate the research of the French theatre reformer Jacques Lecoq into the process of embodiment,  Jungian and post-Jungian concepts on personal growth, an exploration of mythologies and shamanic traditions from around the world, studies of the neurosciences, contemporary discourses on performance and self-development as well as a regular practice of creating performative projects throughout the program.

It aims to propose pathways towards the development of personal autonomy, self-awareness and the expression of one’s creative potential as important aspects of fully embodied individuation processes in art and life.

The program is offered as a 3-year part-time MA program or a 4-year MFA part-time program.

MA Programme Specification

MFA Programme Specification

How to join

Applicants for Masters Programmes will be expected to have a good undergraduate degree in a related subject area. The College also encourages applications from those without formal qualifications who may be accepted on the basis of professional experience.

The application deadline for this courses is 30 April 2024.

Course Summary


MA, MFA fulltime and part-time options

Mode of study

Full time or Part-time

Start date

September 2024

Course Type

Postgraduate Course

Course Fees (2023 Entry)

MA Integral Movement and Performance Practice (180 credits)


MFA UK & Republic of Ireland Students Integral Movement and Performance Practice


MFA International Students Integral Movement and Performance Practice (240 credits)


MA Devised Theatre and Performance MA (180 credits)


MA Devised Theatre and Performance Top Up


MA Home & Republic of Ireland Students Advanced Devising Practice (120 credits)


MFA International Students Advanced Devising Practice (120 credits)